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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Faculty have finally deigned to tell me that my year 4 (If I pass my exams as their emails remind me) will start with an SSM. I sent an email to the ICU ward where I have spent two mornings of my elective and got a reply next morning saying that they would love to have me and that they would see me on Tuesday 28th August (27th is, like the first day of each teaching block, an academic day on campus) at 0830 in ICU.

This will mean that (excluding 5 weeks holiday and 2 weeks of exam leave) I will have been at the same hospital from mid May- end of September. I was also there for clinical teaching 1.5 days a week from November '06 - February '07 in year 3. Thankfully it is also only a 15 minute walk from my flat. I'm sure such luxuries will end one day!

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