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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What to do on a revision break?

Saturday evening, and I got a call from butcher Boy - "Instead of a trip to the pub, do you fancy giving me a hand." he said. I agreed and he came and picked me up, explaining that we were going to be involved in the removal of the old toilet seat from his new flat and its replacement by a nice shiny IKEA one. The issue appeared to be that the bolts had gone rusty and thus the wingnuts would not undo. We also had to build a wardrobe (ie put the doors back on) and sort out the furniture plan for his room. Tattooed drinker turned up, lured by the promise of alcohol for helping with this escapade. We then departed for ASDA to buy a hacksaw to cut the bolt off with.

Obviously a trip to ASDA requires a visit to Maccy D's for supper and the "hold your breath as we go through the tunnel" game. We bought some more "No more nails" and some food from ASDA as well. Butcher Boy made the interesting choice of Cappucino KitKats - what were they like?

Upon our return, the joyful noise of west end drinking could be heard for the pub just across butcher Boy's new backyard! So we started hacking away at the bolt. At this point, I noticed that the rubber ring kept getting in the way and cut it with a knife. after doing so, the bolt fell through the hole....no need for hacksaws after all.

We then set about fitting the new toilet seat, with much discussion as to whether it was square (ie equal support on either side of the bowl) and whether we had the angle correct such that the seat would stay up by itself - in a flat of 3 males this is an important consideration! Once that was sorted, we helped butcher Boy sort some books onto his shelves and drew a ground plan of the room suggesting where would be best to site the various items in relation to power points, radiators etc. Hopefully butcher boy was pleased.

Well on monday at my lunchtime revision break. I went to see Butcher Boy. He and his flat mates were moving flats. As you may remember from here they had an upright piano in their flat. they were taking this with them to the new one. A suitable posse was assembled and we started down the 3 flights of stairs (that is 11 corners!) to their front door then down a naroower set of steps and out to the van.

Butcher boy was driving with the tattooed drinker and myself sat in armchairs holding onto furniture in the back. Upon arrival at the new flat, butcher boy instructed me to guide the van back to pack on the pavement as close to the close door as we could. This involved some weaving between bollards and bins, round small children and avoiding parking on top of a cellar light in the pavement.

These stairs were narrower and were curved which made life all the more fun. e eventually got the piano into their furniture filled hallway and set off for the most important cargo of the day - Butcher boy's fish! These were decanted into a bucket along with their oxygen filter until departure. Stupidly one of the fish tried to make a bid for freedom, after which we covered the bucket with bubble wrap and could hear the fish leaping out the water and smacking off the bubble wrap. The Tattooed drinker carried this bucket, whilst I took the one with the fish tank water in it, and we made a second van trip.

This second journey completed we left butcher boy to get on with his unpacking!

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