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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Clothes shopping

Today I went clothes shopping, not so much out of choice, as out of necessity. Because my Mum has stolen my clothes.....ok, that's a bit harsh so maybe I should explain.

A couple of weeks ago, before my Progress interview, I went home for a week, and mum suggested I leave some dirty clothes, she would wash them, and bring them up when she and dad came to help with the painting of my flat.

However, she forgot! the next member of the family to be going cross border is my sister who is home this weekend, and will hopefully meet me next week sometime to give me my clothes.

It hasn't been too bad the past 2 weeks when i have been mostly at home and could wash every other day, but being away for most of this coming weekend, I felt I needed more clothes to able to last til then, so today after I left Butcher boy, I went to BHS to buy some cheap T-shirts (including a black one for tech-ing in) and otehr essentials. I saw a great (£10) Wacky races mug shot Tshirt as well, so got that and very quickly had spent £40... oh well, I need some new clothes anyway!

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