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Friday, September 28, 2007


I forgot something in the past month. With all the chaos, excitement, painting, interviews and such like, I forgot to pay my VISA bill. My Internet VISA card gets paid by Direct Debit, but my other one doesn't. If you have a student VISA card (limit £500) then you get a text to remind you when to pay, but on the (supposedly) grown up VISA card you don't, so I forgot to pay and get hit with a £12 late payment charge, and interest payments as well as a nice phone call from the bank asking me if I intend to pay at all this month (I imagine that had I said 'No', then i would have been hit with even more charges!). They are also going to send me a letter about paying that VISA by Direct Debit. They won't do text messages on 'adult' VISA accounts because apparently "Computer says No"...........

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