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Saturday, September 22, 2007

DVD excitement

The problem with a visit to Borders is that you notice all the DVD prices then come home and try to find them all on the 'net cheaper. Then you realise that if you can get it for £8.99 not £16.99, you have saved £8. Then it hist you that it still costs £8.99 than you wanted to spend. Ho Hum...

Anyway here is my exciting list of DVD's I want at the moment. If you want to buy me one, please let me know!


Elaine said...

neh neh neh, I have most of these dvds. However, not Spooks as it came without subtitles and I can't hear it. :-(

dr_dyb said...

Show off!!!

How can they get away with producing a DVD in 2006, that hasn't got subtitles????? I thought they were mandatory. Mind on my old DVD player it took me 3 weeks to work out how to turn them off, so I 'read' several films!