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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Going to see what is there

On Thursday night, I was passing through Glasgow Central station, heading from towards Boots (the only chemist open late night (ie after 7pm), when I saw that there was a train to Neilston in 5 minutes. I have been to many places around Glasgow by train due to Uni etc, but never Neilston. It's on a weird sticky out bit of rail that goes to the middle of the Renfrewshire countryside then stops.

So I went to the ticket machine and discovered I could do the return journey for £2.20. A bargain was to be had it seemed. So I caught the train out and back and wrote a couple of cards and made a to do list in my diary and such like on the way.

Once we got clear of the Southside of Glasgow, we went into the suburbs (posh bits) like Giffnock, then across through country parks and open areas with lakes, until we got to Neilston. Coming back was a bit the same but almost dark. It only took about 30 minutes each way, but I felt like I had gone much further.

I then managed to waste a further hour of my evening in Borders, looking round at all they had to offer and making a mental note of their Student offer - 20% off all full price books, DVDs, CDs and paperchase from 3rd-5th October.

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