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Monday, September 10, 2007

Weighty matters

I have been planning to lose weight over the summer, and I think I am making some progress. Having done a SSM in Obesity and its' management in Year 2, I am all too aware that a diet alone doesn't lead to weight loss in the long term but to weight yo-yoing which is worse for your long term health.

In order to work out whether my combination of eating less fat and doing more exercise is working, I today bought some scales and discovered some amusing features:
  • Eating lunch put on 0.01 stones (how you divide a stone into decimals is beyond me sinc eit is normally 14 lbs or 16oz each...)
  • Washing my face seemed to lose 0.02 stones
  • Depending on whether you put your feet together or apart alters your weight.
Anyway, since I measured my weight at mum and Dad's two weeks ago, I seem to have lost half a stone (most of it last Saturday I think). I haven;t set a target as such, so those of you who see me often can tell me when I get down to a weight which looks ok!


Elaine said...

You weigh less when you stand as far back on the scales as you can, feet apart. At least that's what happens for me!

dr_dyb said...

Interesting theory!

My new scales are digital and thus won't give you a reading unless you stand very still. it doesn't fluctuate either, so to try such ideas you have to get off, reset it then get on and stand in a different position.