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Friday, October 5, 2007

I'm Spinning Around

I was interested in this blog post from Nick Robinson:
Finding myself without my asthma inhaler when I needed it in the middle of the night I ring NHS Direct for advice on how to get another. Having answered a dozen form-filling questions (none of which include the basic "what do you think you need?") I am then advised to call another number for an out-of-hours doctors service.

Not wishing to waste a doctor's time in the middle of night I decide to wait till the morning. I go to the local chemist and wave my empty inhaler and wheeze loudly. You need a prescription they say. So I go to the doctor's surgery who say they can get me a prescription if I can wait till three o'clock, or I can go the NHS walk-in centre. Off I go only to be told they don't issue prescriptions there and I need to go somewhere else. Everyone I've spoken to has been pleasant but yet ultimately not helpful.

It is interesting how Journalists think that the world works in the way that the Government says it does. Most of the world would assume that a Walk-in centre would be for precisely this kind of service.......ah well. Serves them right for believing Government spin.

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