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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Rugby dilema

The dilema is simple.

Do I want France or New Zealand to win... England have to play the winners next week.

As an English person, who is delighted that we beat Australia today (though slightly embarrassed that we didn't even manage to score a try all match, and also at our appalling performance in defence of our title), I used to have intrinsic issues supporting Scotland. However having moved up here, my default is to support Scotland except in Calcutta Cup matches.

However, I also support Northern Hemisphere teams (with the exception of France) against Southern Hemisphere teams.

I'd like Scotland to get through to the Semi's (if only for the positive effect on the Scottish rugby scene), and an England vs Scotland final would be great.........

Only 3 teams now stand in the way of that happening.

Listening to the France - New Zealand match at the moment, it's sounding a very tight match now, so who can tell who England will play in the Semi. Neither team is an easy match, but I really hope that England could make the final........

Anyway, I'm off to support France as they are losing and the tighter the match the more it will take out of both teams so whoever wins will be tired before next weeks match (well thats my hope!)

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