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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Integration Fair

Today was integration afternoon, and thanks to the benevolence of the 3 defence unions (MPS, MDU, MDDUS), the BMA, and the Sickness insurance (Wesleyan) people, I got an interesting haul of freebies.

Most novel goes to MPS, with a 64MB SB memory stick.... noit exactly cutting edge, but nice.
Basic of all goes to BMA and MDDUS, with biro's.
MDU were offering discounted books.
But best of all was Weslyan, who didn't want email addresses or any other info from us, but offered a leaflet about their services and loads of sweets.

PS. on later inspection, of the contents of my carrier bag, the MDDUS pen turns out to be a pen light for checking eyes etc.


Anonymous said...

oh man all i got from the MDU was a free dictionary and a pen :(

dr_dyb said...

You get different stuff in each year... I'm a 3rd year so thats what I got...