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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Community Care?

Well the Medical faculty are certainly being interesting this year......

It had been said that although not having to do an LCP coursework this year, I would have to attend the Clinical practice in the Community section of the course. this is basically attending a GP's one full day every fortnight in pairs and practicing clinical skills, history taking and observing the Primary Healthcare team in action.

However, when the list of allocations was published yesterday (for allocations starting next Tuesday), my name wasn't on the list. In a mild panic, I emailed the administrator, and she said that she had been advised by the faculty that I didn't have to resit that component, and that as such, and because they are short on GP's to take students this year, I was being taken off the list, and would get a chance for skills revision in Springtime.

This means I now have alternate Tuesday''s free, and potentially more time if i do not have to attend the Communication Skills sessions as well.