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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


You know, sometimes I wonder where Butcher Boy gets his ideas from. No sooner had we finished the piano-a-tron, than he decides he might need some help with his robot costume for the Hallowe'en Rev at the QM, which was on 30th October and fancy Dress.
The inspiration for the robot design was fro Osomo the South Park robot, and a little from Robot Chicken.The robot started off as a crisp box, before gaining arm holes, and such like, including lots of silver spray paint and varnish. The arms were to be made from silver tumble drier ducting, and the head would be square.

To cope with dehydration, there would be a tune running from the right wrist, up the arm, into the main body, and round to the mouth, allowing robot to drink whatever he liked.
There was to be a velcro-d shut door on the front, allowing access for micturation.
Butcher boy then decided that a little panache was required, and we started with the idea of flashing lights. Either my soldering is worse than when I was at High School, or the circuit boards have got smaller, as they failed to work, so I went back to basics and using 9V LED's we built 3 circuits, each of 4 LEDs, with switches. thus teh robot had lights, but could also be turned On and Off by passing company.

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