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Monday, November 12, 2007

Block 12 week 1

The first week of this block was quite nervy really. I was a wee bit scared about being in hospitals - always am - I'm convinced that I will put my foot in it, mess up an examination or dry up completely. So much so that on Monday I couldn't eat any breakfast and felt nauseous until I got to the hospital.

I was also nervous about meeting my Clinical Practice/PBL group for the first time. In the event, the clinical practice group seems ok. They all seem so much more confident and smarter than I feel, but once we came to feed back, we all seemed to have got stuff at about the same level, which was good.

The afternoon PBL was interesting, especially in comparison to my 2 PBL groups in Year 3 last year. This year's group seems to have 2 or 3 groupings and is less homogeneous. This leads to interesting bits in the discussion of people ignoring each other (politely) and a general sense of chaos, as the questions end up not being in the correct order. We muddle through the scenario though.

On Wednesday, we started the day with Lectures at 1 (I hate early starts like this!?) which was a standard afternoon with a plenary on Statin's and one on Medical Statistics, focusing on likelihood ratios. We also had an OSCE briefing (its longer this year) and an introduction to the block, and exams. Focussing on teh exams now already has me feeling very nervous. Oh well.

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