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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Flying through term...

Well, it's Wednesday already. Which bizarrely makes me 66% through my Uni week, despite having Tuesday totally free this week (it is the time when my quarter of the year are on Community Clinical Practice).

Monday was nice - Clinical Practice in Hospital in the morning, followed by our PBL debrief/briefing. I was shattered and slept very badly on Sunday night, so I was on the black coffee - 2 before Uni, one at coffee time and a 4th before PBL. We only examined / history-ed one patient in the hospital, and she was a confused old lady who had broken glasses and had no teeth, and was slightly deaf. We managed to get a fairly good story along the way, covering most of the main points. We missed a few social factors about her home care and family support, but managed ok on the medical bits I think.

Sadly I didn't eat breakfast, so I was full of nice black coffee all day, which probably made me feel worse. I headed back down to Uni to do some printing then met Butcher Boy for lunch.
He'd been working all day, so we both had lunch about 3pm.

Then I headed home to complete some more of my anatomy colouring book, and also to read through today's communication skills scenario's.

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Anonymous said...

I swear this past 11 weeks have been the fastest of my life.

It's scary as the exam is coming up and I'm yet to revise for it :S