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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dentistry is a real emergency service

Having found my NHS dentist - bizarrely in the nice middle-class West-End, this week as my appointment to get my filling replaced, and also a scale and polish (no idea why I needed that, but it was on the list of treatment!). All in all, just over £20 for 20 minutes work.

I was a bit numb all morning after the filling, but no after effects, and I can now eat ice Cream without wincing. The rest of my teeth are all fine, and the dentist only wants to see me for my check-up.

Not a bad result really, and I think it would have been even longer without a dentist visit if I hadn't been getting pain due to wearing away that filling.

Mind my advice is not to go for a filling at 9.15am on the first day of your holidays!

This set me thinking that most people only really visit a dentist when they have an emergency.... and yet some dentists make you wait days for an appointment. Why?

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Merys said...

My parents were astonishingly sensible and refused to let me change dentists when I first went to uni. Therefore I have the same NHS dentist that I have seen since the age of 4.. (me not him...)