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Monday, December 17, 2007

Eating a pet

Today I was over to see my Aunt & Uncle. My Mum & Dad are up to see me (and use up their A/L days before they retire next spring) and so they decided to drop in on my Aunt & Uncle and then my Uncle phoned and invited e as well.

Given the bizarreness of our family I did realise that despite no-one getting there until 4pm, we would be having Sunday lunch at 5 (it always happens). What I wasn't expecting was lunch to be one of my cousin's pets.

My cousin lives down in Somerset and until last summer he had some nice pets in the garden / field which his children loved to watch all day, eating the grass, with their fluffy coats. However, each summer one or two would disappear and be replaced by the children / lambs!

Yes, my cousin used to have a few pet sheep. And today we had one roasted for tea - it was lovely, with a nice nut stuffing made y my uncle, and with oven roasted vegetable and roast potatoes.

The meat was very tender and just fell off the bone (for Butcher Boy, it was a lamb shoulder), and was followed by home made (gluten free) raspberry tart!


Elaine said...

When I see lambs gambolling, I always think "yum yum, mint sauce."

the little medic said...

I love lambs they are the cutest things ever (Apart from kittens)

I also love lamb cooked, but missbliss isn't a huge fan so I only really get it when we go out for a meal :(

Anonymous said...

We had lambs earlier this year, but one got tetanus and died.

Makes a nice story though.