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Friday, December 7, 2007

Depressing afternoon

Wednesday was a long afternoon. For the first time in a while, we had 4 hours of lectures (plenaries)n ina row. this is not unusual in many subjects or at old-school medical school, but for us in our FOFO teaching, it is very unusual.

The topic's for the lectures were well suited as well, especially for a wet, windy, cold, grey afternoon in December. 90 minutes on palliative care and end of life issues, 90 minutes on Lung Cancer, and 1 hour on sepsis and it's mortality and (lack of) treatment options.

In the middle of the Lung Cancer lecture, the rain was so heavy, that the thundering of the rain on the lecture theatre roof was so loud that the lecturer (who was using the microphone) had to stop as no-one could hear her!

The lecturers all made a good fist of it, and the afternoon passed quickly, but we all elft witha feeling of what a great way to go for christmas and thinking of medicine in such terms. it is justa fluke of staff availability and lecture timing, but was still not the best end to term.

The sepsis lecturer was one of the people who had taken me for a day in intensive care on my sumemr elective (see Elective Day 4)

So I went to meet Butcher Boy at the Grad Club, and had a rather tasty Steak Pie and coffee, before heading home to study more on Lung Cancer for Thursday's final PBL session of term.

Except it wasn't. The tutor had clinical commitments and couldn't find any cover, so the session was cancelled.

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Anonymous said...

Wow talk about sucking the life right out of you, what a nightmare!

Merry christmas Dr DYB!