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Friday, December 7, 2007


Up until now, lectures and FRS' etc have taken place in one of 4 buildings on campus and any offsite activities have had nice clear instructions on where to go.

However (you knew that was coming)

Today we had a FRS moved to the X Lecture theatre, Y Hospital. Now this hospital is nice and easy to get to, but finding the X lecture theatre was harder. Faculty's advice was that it was in the X department. Finding this department required some jugging on University maps, hospital maps pinned to the wall outside the main entrance etc. Then when we got to the building, no one seemed to know which lecture theatre we were talking about. The FRS wasn't in subject X, and thus the staff didn't even know the facilitator we were talking about.

Faculty had also changed the timings of this FRS, from Tuesday 9-12, to Tuesday 9-10.30, to Friday 9-10.30, to Friday 9.30-11. So all in all, no tutorial for me today as I couldn't find it. A failure in the timing, location and day I guess.

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