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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Customer service

2 experiences this morning within 10 minutes - 2 different customer experiences - one good, one bad....

The Pulsacoil 2000 hot water heater boiler thing
So I eventually fin a company who are willing to look at my (apparently unusual) boiler. It only took 6 calls, including one to the manufacturer to find a local (20 miles) company who deal with it. the receptionist there was very helpful, taking all the details and also advising how to pay - they do take cheques - and giving the full charges (ouch!). It is probably very discriminatory, but she sounds my Mum's age, and probably realised that I hadn't done this before....ever for a boiler and wasn't quite sure what was wrong with it. Sadly the earliest anyone can come is Thursday between 9 & 1. Oh well, another 48 hours of boiling kettles to shave, and wash....might even have to go swimming tomorrow to get a proper shower.

Print Cartridges and a bust digital camera
Next my big bug bear of the week City-link. the parcel people. They are supposed to e collecting a parcel from me today (I requested afternoon as I have a driving lesson this morning) and also delivering one to me which I missed last week. I phoned them yesterday and asked if they could do both at the same time.

From the guy''s reaction you would have thought I asked to do something obscene to his sister......."It doesn't work like that.....We're not here to help your social life...". Instead he said that the collection might happen this afternoon but the re-delivery will be Thursday morning at the earliest. This means I will need to go buy some of what is in the delivery anyway as I need it on Wednesday night.

Until the middle of last year, City-link had a depot near me, just by the motorway which was a 20 minute walk. this was ok, because if I missed a delivery I just popped up to the warehouse and collected it. however they have now merged 3 depots and are on a huge industrial estate 2 miles from the nearest train station. This is almost as bad a the DHL and ANC warehouses. Parcel force is the easiest to get to (25 min walk) and they will deliver to your local Post office for 50p.

Some days I just want a PA to deal with this hassle!


the little medic said...

I want a PA too to take care of all the little annoying things that have to be sorted out!

dr_dyb said...

Me thinks that a car would be handy instead, but then again that brings more forms / services etc to be completed.

Since my mum only works p/t she claims she is PA to my Dad as far as household matters go...so that is an option.

Other than that i think I would forgo a pay cut in order for a centrally provided PA service. I know some industries get it for staff - an office which will pay your bills (from your salary) sort out tickets, collect parcels, sort dry cleaning etc....and its is part of your 'benefits' package.