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Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's just anotehr manic.......Wednesday?

Wednesday was an unusual day - for starters I woke up about 7am...on a day when Uni didn''t start until 1. Thus I considered how to fill my morning. My sister was supposed to be meeting me after Uni tonight and we should be printing the envelopes for her wedding invitations. last night (true to form) about 10pm decided to throw a hissy fit and chew every piece of paper I offered it. Feeling that this might not be accepted by my sister, I considered the purchase of a new printer - the last one cost £23.99 3 years ago, so this one has served its' time. It would true to form of course die with new cartridges in it.

I am now torn between the nice shiny one and teh 'utilitarian' one. I texted my sister to explain the situatoion and explain that after going out for pizza, we would have to call past PC World on teh way home to buy a new printer.

She correctly directed me to the traffic news
M74 - 10 lorries flipped over, 2 lanes closed J7-10; Snow and speed limits J11-12
Trains limited to 50mph
M8 - snow causing speed restrictions J4-5
M9 - Stirling - high winds
Stirling - roof blown off a school, trees down etc
Ayrshire - trains suspended due to flooding and winds
Tay & Erskine bridges closed,
Forth Road Bridge open for cars only
Flooding on teh Edinburgh-Glasgow rail line at Linlithgow

I took her point. We can do the printing next week when she stands a chance fo making the journey in less than 2 hours!

Thus I decided to go for my printer on Thursday (prevarication and procrastination being great!). Then Dr Amy sent a text asking for some Uni stuff, which I emailed off. This was all before 8am. I then spent the morning doing PBL and wandering round the internet.

The afternoon was a 4 hour Haemo fest - 2hrs on leukaemia and 2 on haematology & anaemia. The leukaemia session was quite good at first until the Uni laptop used for the powerpoint died - the janitors hadn't turned the PSU on. The lecturer then got his own laptop out as the janitors couldn't get the ;laptop to charge. the lecturer then couldn't connect his laptop to the projector....so we had the second half of the lecture without the benefit of slides. I feel it lost something due to this. As someone near me in the lecture theatre commented "The finest minds in the country......."

We then had a rather nice 30 minute break when all 250 of the year group shuffled through the Med school coffee thing to get some caffeine before the Haematology session. This was very good, taking the form of 3 40 minute presentations on the 3 main forms of Anaemia. The main Haematology guy is great - we had him for lectures before - and his enthusiasm is rather well placed given the rather 'dry'; nature of most Haematology - especially the slides of normocytic hypochromic erythrocytes etc.

I then headed over to the grad club, sicne I wasn't meeting my sister for pizza, and instead met butcher Boy for some food. He ordered chicken enchiladas. We noticed that the orders seemed to be taking a while.......and then they called him over to collect his order. After noticing that he had one larger instead of 2 smaller enchiladas and discussing the economic reasons for this, he tucked in, and found he had a bean/veggie enchilada. Now Butcher Boy is given his nickname because f his fondness for the meat. His enthusiasm for the BBC series "Kill it Cook it Eat it" is well known, and he has (had) a poster of a cow on his wall showing where the various cuts come from. Thus the bean was an affront to him and he went back to complain.

They mumbled about the chef being short handed or something, and promised him another one. about 5 minutes later they called me over to say there were no green beans to go with my steak pie, so was I ok having it without. My meal arrived about a further ten minutes later, and having eaten it at normal pace, it was still 5 minutes after I had finished that Butcher Boy got his (chicken) enchiladas. The grad club is really nice, but today was certainly a blip in their food service standards!


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