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Monday, February 11, 2008


A friend has lent me a box set of house series one, which I am watching at 1 or 2 episodes per night.I have spotted a couple of interesting things

1. Why can House's team (from Dept of Diagnostic Medicine) be surgeons, physicians and Lab technicians as well as run the scanners, report radiology and work as porters - either the hospital is under-staffed, or they are superhuman.2. How can a hospital - even a major teaching hospital funded by large health insurance companies afford hyper-barric oxygen chambers, and all the other treatment options that House come sup with?

3. How can any hospital have so n many plate-glass windows, and doors, and the nice wood paneling on corridors?

4. How can Cuddy be so hot on Law, Medicine, and yet be such an awful Manager?


the little medic said...

None of those things actually matter ;) House rules! *recently saw episode 12 of season 4*

dr_dyb said...

Well keep the plotlines to yourself, I don't want to know them in advance.

Anonymous said...

I've only ever seen one episode of House. I wasn't really a fan. Greys Anatomy anyday.

Anonymous said...

I'm a medical college student from Mainland China.And I have downloaded the wallpaper of Dr.House from your blog. I was getting interesting in the TV play three years ago. Because ,in our medical system,I can't find any none cool than the guy, although, the scenario is so ridiculous.