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Saturday, February 16, 2008

A quiet week

It has been a fairly quiet week at Uni, though I still seem to have the same pile of work still to do this weekend that I had on Monday.

On Thursday I was at my first clinical practice session at my new Hospital. The change from my previous hospital was like chalk and cheese. This one had a proper programme for the morning, with 2 different members of staff teaching us, and covering two topics of clinical teaching.

The hospital is in a state of flux, moving from being a DGH to become a campus with ACAD unit, outpatient clinics, day surgery, minor injuries unit, hospice, care of the elderly wards, reference lab, adult and adolescent Psychiatric units, and the West of Scotland secure psychiatric unit. Thus the site looks like a builders merchants! The new units are all being built at one side of the site, thus leaving the site of the current 1900's hospital ripe for housing developments and thus paying for the modernisation. The current hospital is a maze of corridors, ramps, temporary corridors between buildings and then the ore recent units which are a nice 5 minute walk across the site. There are many mature hospitals, and I can see how it would be a bit scary at night, especially with so many entrances, a site over a large area, and 3 400yard driveways to get to the hospital from the nearest roads. '

The new hospital.....according to the Health board....

The PBL group seems quite good as well, with a good mix of people and attitudes, as well as a facilitator who a) is a subject specialist; and b) encourages us to think outside the box and develop our thinking around the PBL problem and not just the presenting complaint.

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