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Saturday, February 23, 2008

My head hurts.......

This evening I have been getting ready for the DIME quiz next weekend. This is our main annual fundraiser for a youth group in Edinburgh which I became involved in when a student over there and can't quite escape from.

Tonight involved putting all 112 questions onto powerpoint, together with a slide with the answer on, set to appear on a click, as well as finding necessary pictures for some rounds, and editing 25 music tracks for various bots of the quiz (can't say too much about where they are for). So after an evening of Limewire, Audacity, Powerpooint and google, my eyes and ears hurt and I seem to have dehydrated myself.

The good news is that tomorrow is teh DIME Leader's social, so we all go out for a meal and such like. Should be fun.

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