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Thursday, February 7, 2008


Have you seen the Virgin Atlantic 'Upper Class' advert? The one with John Hannah in it, where he talks about the importance of time, and how being able to have your own check in gives you more time to play Pool while waiting for your (delayed again) flight. Well today i had a lesson in time as well.

Lesson 1 - Carry extra stuff cos you might need it

For the second time in a week, and I think only the 4th or 5th time in Med School, no-one showed up to take our session this morning. It was to have been a 3hour session on Mental State examination, mental Health History taking and such like. But it didn't happen. After 20 minutes the course secretary came down to say that the lecturer was a no-show and he couldn't be reached at work or on his mobile.

I hadn't brought any work to do today in an effort to now end up like the hunchback on Notre-Dame when I had my rucsac on. So I now had 3 hours to kill.................which I did, semi-productively reading sBMJ, printing off some useful looking bits from it, checking emails, and having a longer than planned lunch break (the planned break was eat a sandwich while going to the hospital for PBL - this way i ate my lunch sitting down).

Lesson 2 - If you have a plan remember it!

On Monday, some of my PBl group had discussed that since the tutor was missing on Monday, we would ask our Thursday facilitator to let us feedback both scenarios today (being the end of a teaching block, there were no new scenarios this week), however we all forgot until we were leaving today. Thus I found myself at 2.35 with 55 minutes to kill until my driving lesson, and even less work to possibly do.

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