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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I had a nice weekend back in Newcastle (thanks all of you who asked). Vast amounts of the weekend were spent listening to, o being dragged into discussions about my sister's wedding. However the plus side of this was the chance to go on Sunday for a tasting of the options for the meal. It was all very nice, especially the ............ which was very nice and a touch surprising.

The weekend did have its downsides though.

The Rugby...........less said the better. I am still not sure how we threw our half time lead away, but if we continue to play like that, we deserve to lose to Italy next week. Ireland played with lots of mistakes, but also some nice moves (like the cross field kick) to beat Italy, but I'm not sure if that tactic will work as well against stronger opposition. I was eating during the Scotland France match so didn't see any of it, but judging by the comments of the Scotland fans on my train back to Glasgow, they deserved to lose as France were the better team.

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