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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Random phone calls

Tonight I had a call from one of those charity donation companies...
"Hi I'm calling on behalf of Unicef"
Well I was bored and getting a bit sick of uni work so I decided I was due a 5 minute break and put the kettle on and decided to listen to her.
"I work for a company who are being paid for this call, you should know that up front"
Scarily honest!
"Did you know that over 30 million children worldwide do not have the basic vaccination which we give to children in the UK?"
Um no I didn't, I'd have guessed the number was bigger actually, but that's still a lot of children.
"For only 64p we can give these children vaccinations against the 6 major childhood diseases"
That sounds pretty good. I bet the NHS pays more for its vaccination programme though.
"If you can give just £10 a month, you can help over100 children a month be vaccinated and have a greater chance in life" All very good, but I have no money (certainly not £10 a month, and I'm supporting a few charities which i actually am involved with.
"That's fine, you said you were a student, what do you study?"
This is becoming very chatty.........there must be more to come.. but as I say Iw as bored and she was friendly, so I told her
"That sounds very hard. Well as I;m sure you udnerstand the importance of child health...."
Argh, she's caught me out now
".....you might want us to send you emails about our campaigns and petitions, so you can better know about child health issues worldwide" She's good......so I gave her the email and came off the phone.

The number 30 million is still bouncing round my head though. At 64p each, that means that for £19.2million we could vaccinate them all (logistics permitting). Last week RBS made £10.4billion profit. If they, or other multinationals funded such schemes, it wouldn't actually even affect the 3sf on the balance sheet

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