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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

All it takes is one second......one mistake.....

So today was my driving test.....all seemed to be going well. No snow or heavy rain, like yesterday. Nice clear roads, and the lesson beforehand had gone quite well with all manouvres going smoothly with no mistakes.

The test started with the number plate reading test, which was actually much closer than I thought it would be, and I passed (bit worrying if I hadn't!). This was then followed by the 'Show me, tell me' questions, where I got the easiest 2 - show me how you would check that teh brakes were working at the start of a journey, and show me how you would check that all the headlights and taillights were working. We then set off and first off had to do the left corner reverse and parallel parking, both in places I had practiced during lessons, and all of which went quite well.

After that we had to negotiate Anniesland Cross then up into some roads I had only done in the opposite direction, including a fair (or unfair) number of mini-roundabouts. This brought us onto Maryhill road, at a section where the speed limit goes 30-50-40-30, which also gave me a nice chance to overtake a few buses. This brought us to canniesburn Toll, which they have been digging up, so there are cones everywhere and some unusual lane routings round the roundabout.

Napoleon had his Waterloo, I had Canniesburn Toll. I misread where a car coming round the roundabout was going, and just as I went to start off I realised it was coming my way and hit the brakes, but too late, that was my major fault. I then picked up 2 minors for my lane indication and gear changes coming off that roundabout, probably because I was kicking myself at having failed.............

On the way back I had to negotiate some tricky junctions and traffic as well as doing an emergency stop. All of this went well.

Final verdict, 5 minor, 1 major - FAIL.

So I went to try and book a re-test - ASAP, and before my exam studying starts up in earnest. The first date that DSA can give me is 10 April.......unless they get some more cancellations. Thats not great at all.

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the little medic said...

sorry to hear that! Good luck next time. Driving tests suck