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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Highlight of the week.

On Tuesday I was sat doing some revision as the afternoon sunshine fell upon my desk and obliterated anything on the computer screen. I got a text from Phil saying he was bored. The conversation went on until I suggested he come to Glasgow for coffee. Phil being impulsive and having a disabled card allowing free train travel thought this was a fantastic idea, and he came through.

I met him at the station at 5.30 (I was late due to reading the next chapter of my book in the adjacent WHSmith Reading Library). We wandered to my flat, where Phil expressed his approval of the lift, and that my flat was cleaner than he thought it would be since I am a student! Hrumpf!

We then went round to my local restaurant which although an italian restaurant has mostly eastern european staff and also makes rather good steaks and burgers. I was stuffed after only a starter and main course....(garlic and rosemary foccacia to start and a plain burger (with what looked like a whole salad stuffed in the bun as well with fries and I had a couple of Phil's side of Oion rings) and had no room for dessert sadly. Phil said he had room but would sacrifice the calories as I had Uni work to be getting on with. Phil also insisted on paying which was very kind of him.

I put him on the 9pm train then wandered home to study.

I thing when i get my car I hope I shall be as random and just pop to see people because I can - my friends may hope this is not teh case though.


Craig said...

Thank goodness there isn't much parking in Hillhead...

dr_dyb said...

If I buy some polo's I can park at SF.

PhilT81 said...

You managed to clear your plate which is more than I could manage, you were able to scoff your food faster than me too!

You must be leading a dull life if a visit from me was the highlight, although I sense that was either sarcasm or said just to appease me for how long it took you to excitedly post this blog!

Elaine said...

well done re that driving licence. Also congratulations on being able to eat so much at one sitting ;-)