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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stretchy days

Today has been one of those elastic days.

This morning time was flying an nothing was getting done, but as the day has gone on, someone has stretched the day and allowed me to get more done in the afternoon. It has also been nice and sunny and warm (though I;m not sure that matters when you are indoors all day - except for making the computer screen impossible to see between 4pm & 5pm, which aided my productivity).

I have managed to thoroughly revise 2 PBL's today and am about to start on a 3rd, though I may not finish it until tomorrow. I have also managed a load of washing, to clean the kitchen, re-shelve all the book, sort the pile of Uni work that needed filing, write two letters, fill in my student support finance form, and photocopy it, clean the bathroom and hoover the flat.

However I did forget to eat and I am now starving!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dr-dyb.. I'm from Australia and working on a book here regarding: the back-lash on the anti-smoking campaign in Australia.. I love the graphic of the demon smoking.. where did you get it done? May we use it?

My book is called: Agent Provocateur: the backlash against the anti-smoking campaign. My main objection is in the campaigns civil liberties breach, the hypocricy in Tobacco excise (not being used appropriately to 'rehab' smokers, unlike drug & alcohol clinics, which are free..) etc.. I have Mike Cook; Australia doing most of my graphics, but liked your smoke ring-demon. I may be contacted: ajburchell1@hotmail.com Regards..

Anonymous said...

... Pic of Smoke Demon to go over caption: Demonising Smokers
Victimising the Victims
Is Not The Answer

Non Smokers Will
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If everyone gave up smoking... well, they might have a better chance, if some of this $5b were put into clinics to help smokers give up'. Why not? Illicit drug users and alcoholics are able to access free clinics - however, smokers must pay for nicotine patches and attempt giving up in their own time...

Time... for some accountability, actually. Time to reimburse those smokers! With some REAL help!

The book is a combination of some startling facts on smoking and pollution generally as well as anecdotal material from smokers and non-smokers, alike...

Mike Cook supplies the graphic message and the book's message is generally meant to be a humorous 'poke' at the wowsers.


Anonymous said...

My house was the cleanest its ever been during last years finals. I'll try any excuse not to work!