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Monday, April 21, 2008

Please help me, readers!

You may notice that my last post had a couple of interesting comments from an author who wants to quote a bit of a blog post from last year.

I'm not sure...would any of the regular readers care to comment / offer advice?

I've underlined points you've mentioned (for me to address) .. if you scroll down, you'll see I've numbered them; as an example, for you to see and ok - I've posted the intended reference here as an example for you to see -

- to be cited at the end of the book in Acknowledgements/Bibliography - as a full reference to the actual page in which I found the initial comments on smoking - In the text, I would probably only use the name of the Blog - Adventure, mistakes and successes; in varying proportions with your pseudonym, dr-dyb

**If there is a specific way in which you would prefer to have the referencing done - it shall be done - you have the right to remain anonymous and I welcome any suggestions you make, as I want you to be happy with what we do.

With the dr-dyb.blogspot.com/2007/10/smoking.html in the back of the book -comments from you, taken from the blog, would be not be easily identified - however, to have any validity, I need to reference the comments in some manner, but you, of course, maintain anonymity in regard to your actual name.

In the post in question, I said:
"Unlike many Med students, I am not a zealot about smoking - for starters, I would have had few friends in high school, sixth form, scouts, Uni or work if I hadn't frequented with those who smoked. As long as they know the risks, I honest;y fail to see the problem. After all drinking, eating and not exercising are more likely to kill you, and anyway sick people = more work in the future - I call it 'security of employment'. I have never smoked and don't see the attraction of it, and never want to smoke, but as long as my friends realise the damage they are causing, I don't feel the need to endanger my friendship with them by going on about the issue..."
I still hold with the general premise of my post, that Smoking is bad, but not the worst thing you can do to yourself, and that as long as people are aware of the risks, it is not the ‘bogeyman’ that many medical professionals see it as. For politicians, smoking is a much easier target than exercise, alcohol, or illegal drugs, because all they do is boost tax and restrict sales (by age, economic factors etc) in order to claim to be ‘doing something’. These same measures are not adopted with respect to alcohol, which arguably causes greater damage on society.

I'm just not sure about being published.....any opinions?


the little medic said...

I don't see why not. Personally, I'm a bit of an anti-smoking monster - not to the extent of alienating friends who smoke. It is just that I hate smoking, and I hate that society profits from people's addiction to the tune of about £5-6 billion (Thats profit - i.e. after NHS spend due to smoking is deducted)

I say let them publish what you said.

Elaine said...

I read your and dr_dyb's blogs regularly.

Reading the proposed quotes, I can see no harm in their being incorporated in the book (anonymously).

Your views make a refreshing change from the venom that is usually cast at cigarettes and smokers.

I am an ex-smoker, and hate the smell of it, but I have friends who smoke, and that is their privilege.

Lily said...

In my opinion I think having the quotes published anonymously couldn't do you any harm.

But it's definitely worth asking to see the context they're used in by looking at a draft before you give your final seal of approval.

Lily said...

Also might be worth pointing out to him that he is giving his book the same name as a successful underwear brand.

Neumed said...

I just discovered your blog a few moments ago, so I don't qualify as a regular reader but for what it's worth, he doesn't need your permission to quote you. Anything you speak, write or otherwise publish can be quoted by anyone, anytime, anywhere. (Forgive me if you already know this.)

So this author is just being extremely polite in allowing you to decide if you want to be quoted or not.

BTW, if the guy is trying to justify smoking (or whatever) by quoting an anonymous blogger as his authority, then he's an idiot. Not that there's any shortage of those around. :)