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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Living life to the minimum?

Today set me thinking. Painful so soon after exams I know, but anyway.

Seeing the pics that Rach posted on her Facebook about sunny beaches and fireworks made me realise just how you can spend ages of your life only noticing what you are doing and failing to notice the world around you.

Sunday and today I achieved very little beyond the basic activities of life. I spent half of yesterday afternoon, despite the sunshine, and warmth in the flat tidying up and watching the F1. I spent yesterday evening packing for my week away, and then had a long lie this morning on another sunny warm day.

I'm not saying i could or should have climbed mountains, forded stream or followed rainbows, but I could probably have worked through some of my 'To-Do' list, or gone for a walk, or down to the seaside, or met up with some friends.

I guess what I am saying is that the weather puts me in a very positive mood at the moment, despite the exams uncertainty, and I should relish it, use it and take advantage of it to live life, and enjoy the world around me and do some life affirming things this summer - hopefully with a car.....if I can sort out the money

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