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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Traveling, traveling far.

This coming week, I shall probably not be blogging. Due to not having an SSM this block, I am taking the opportunity to have a week off, well kind of:-

  • Monday - Sorting cables and testing video cables
  • Tuesday - Writing a long presentation, then a technical production meeting
  • Wednesday - Early morning train to Birmingham then helping sort out my late Grandad's house
  • Thursday - Back up to Mum & Dad's maybe with a day walking in the Peak District
  • Friday - Back to Glasgow
  • Saturday - Away to Callander to act as Front of House sound engineer for the evening.
  • Sunday - Back to Glasgow at some point
This strikes me as not being particularly restful for a holiday!

1 comment:

DundeeMedStudent said...

it's good not to have much to do isn't it?

Actually I need to do some work this week as SSC finishes on Friday- boo.