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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday as a day off

I woke up early this morning (5am) and realised that the perils of being out celebrating the end of exams and having a subway on th way home is that you become dehydrated. 1.5 litres of water I went back to bed, and had another 1-2 litres as I dozed fitfully until 9am. Then I fell asleep and woke at 10.28. I was supposed to meet Butcher Boy, Little Miss P Gavin & Linzi outside work at 11 for a trip to IKEA.

I texted butcher boy as I dive in the shower, then realised I had my phone in the shower and decided I should wake up before I caused an accident. Suitably showered and dressed, I set off for Byres Road. Once we were all assembled, we wandered across the road to wait for the bus - the 747 to Glasgow Airport - today was it's last day of running up to work, and from next week it will have a different route sadly.

Once on the bus we had a big debate about whether to go to IKEA first (meaning lunch) or to Braehead for general shopping then back to IKEA for lunch then IKEA shopping. The second option won, and so we spent about 40 minutes wandering round IKEA as various people bought aerial cables, tap shower adapter things, teabags and a teapot.

Once we wandered over to IKEA, we rapidly headed for the restaurant where we all opted for meatballs and pasta - though some of us had dessert, and others had garlic bread with it. Once full of IKEA goodness, we headed off for a tour. Little Miss P had not been before, and was initially confused by the pencils and order sheets, deciding to take one, then put it away, then pick up another one when she decided what she wanted, then going on to buy something else instead.

One we had cleared the market hall, we were stood outside with a bedside cabinet, a shelf, and various carrier bags with lights, coathangers, skillets, plates, baking trays and such like. We then had to wait to get the bus back across town. The sun was out and it was rather pleasant standing in the bus stop watching the world go by.
Picture has been altered to protect the identities of the innocent.

Once back in the west end, butcher boy took his stuff home while the rest of us popped into work, where I obtained a summer job - start a week on Monday, and the others stood round waiting until I finished and Butcher boy came back from dropping his shopping at home. We then headed up to Little Miss P's new flat, which was about a 10 minute walk, with Butcher Boy carrying the bedside cabinet flatpack for most of the trip, though I helped for a wee bit. Once there, we helped build the drawers and cabinet - easier than feared, before helping Little Miss P fit her new shower attachment to the taps in the bathroom.

All in all a fun day out for all, and a reminder how much nicer Saturdays are when you don;t have Uni work to do.

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