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Thursday, June 19, 2008

He giveth and taketh away

Amusingly opposite messages about funding for 4th year today. BMA Charities sent m a letter to say that they are awarding me a grant to cover my tuition fees for 2008-09. This is the same as last year and is very nice of them and makes the finances that bit easier.

It was followed by a phone call from North Tyneside (my LEA) to say that Uni have not sent them a form to tell North Tyneside that I repeated the year, and without which North Tyneside will not allow me to have a Student Loan in Yr4 or Yr5. I emailed the Registry about it, reminding them that I asked them to send the form in September '07. Not heard anything back yet, which is annoying and must make a mental note to check on Monday.

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DundeeMedStudent said...

Funding is so much hassle I've just my letter from SAAS saying my loan is going to be £890 which is odd since last year it was £3.5k. So looks like I'm going to be putting in some serious overtime at work this summer, rather than enjoying my last long summer. boo!