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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hi, Ho, Hi Ho, it's back to work we go

No, not my audition for the 7 dwarves, but I am back at work now for 2 weeks and have been paid - in full. New management indeed. It has been a funny week in work, from the mayhem and madness of Sunday - £35,000 sales, umpteen shoplifters, every available space used for booze and snacks through to today - so quite I was taken off my checkout and spent the morning working Grocery and frozen loads on the shop floor.

Next week I am again working with a split identity between 2 departments - my 'home' on Deli and my main workplace on checkouts. This kind of gives me no real line manager except the Store Manager - kinda scary. The new Manager is great though - often to be found working stock, and joining in with jobs he has given you to do. He also handily favours the direct approach of using pallets etc on the shop floor, which avoids some of the double handling and means we get more work done.

We even have a staff lottery bonus ball back when every staff member who pays £1 gets put into the hat and one of us wins it all - not bad.

It's nice to be back and earning money for what is, in reality a very easy job - though maybe not as easy as the job I have on Saturday - more on that later.

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