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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I passed again

I am now one of the few Medical Students in my Med school to also have a First Aid at Work qualification!


Dragonfly said...


Anonymous said...

Is that with SJA? don't they call it FFA (family first aid) now? I'm doing my FFA course next sunday, as part of London LINKS which is the university arm of SJA - so courses, uniform, food is absolutely free. Do they have that where you are? Maybe you could even set one up if not.

dr_dyb said...

It was St Andrew';snot St John's, this being Scotland. The Uni have a St Andrews Society, but I don;t really have the time to do the regular stuff they do at Concerts, Galas, Parades etc, and just wanted the FAW certificate. Family First aid is the one day course, FAW is the 4 day one AIUI.