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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My weekend

It was fast, fairly new, shiny, red, 1.8litre, turbo, alloy wheels, it accelerated well and was lots of fun. And it wasn't mine. I had my sisters car for the weekend to get to a wedding, and despite clipping an alloy on a curb, I have to say it was great great fun.

I now sooooo need a car. The issues of having one - problems of parking in central Glasgow, cost of petrol etc, are greatly outweighed by the advantages - go shopping anytime, go to see people miels away, not live your life by a train timetable.

Anyway I now have the money in the bank for a new car and am scouring the second hand car websites looking for likely candidates then I shall drag my brotehr-in-law around these garages to look at cars!

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