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Friday, July 11, 2008


Sorry for being Missing In Action for the past 2 weeks or so. I would love a very complex excuse but, no to be honest it is just pure laziness. I will therefore try to summarise life here:
  • Badminton
  • Work
  • First Aid course
  • messing about on the internet..............
  • reading trashy books of varying descriptions
and that is about it.

Well we have been playing as a group of between 2 and 6 more regularly over the past few weeks, except for the week of Butcher Boy's confinement due to having had his eyes lasered back together. My ability is as ever exceded by my enthusiasm and my hope that i may improve. no one seems to mind much and so we continue to attempt to counteract some of the many calories consumed.

In a change to when I last worked there, I am now working mostly on checkouts. this involves less cleaning and less interaction with chicken grease, which is all good, but does involve more dealing with customers and the vagrities of the human condition from drunk to druggie from elderly to eccentric and from kids to kleptomaniacs. I have also been covering a few shifts on the Kiosk selling addictions - from cigarettes, through skins, through alcohol through gambling to newspapers and sweeties, if you want to feed you addiction, I will happily sell it to you, as long as you look over 21, or from next week, over 25 (or have ID). I have been working an average of 22 hours which is about enough to keep busy, without it not feeling llike a holiday.

First Aid Course
2 weeks dpone now, and half way through the course. It is a mixed bunch of people, mostly very nice and all seemingly willing to get into the spirit of things. There are a few of us about the same age who seem to get on and have been doing the practical exercises together. Only 2 weeks til the assessment so I am reading books again!

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