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Friday, July 11, 2008

Tea or not tea

Today before badminton, Butcher Boy and I went to a tea house - Tchai Ovna - in the West End, down by the river. It was a very unusual place which could have looked very rural, were it not for the back of the new Unite flats being built next door with cranes and builders. We sat on the decking outside on some of the assoreted seats and mismatching coffee tables and read the Menu of 100 tea types.......we chose teh House Special as a start - it was a very sweet milky tea with a distinctive spicy hint to it. I think Butcher Boy liked it more than I did. we sat discussing the world and putting it right whilst looking out through the foliage to watch the builders.

after deciding that it was maybe too large a leap from out tetley, Twinings and Yorkshire tea palate, we decided on a rather refreshing balck tea to follow which was lovely.

Upon paying, the staff asked how we had enjoyed it and seemed alittle surprised thatw e found the spicy one not to our pallette. Butcher Boy was at his most mollifying in trying to convince them that is was our uneducated pallettes which were to blame, noit their random teas.

I feel we shall visit again, maybe starting to get more adventurous with our black, green, yellow white and even red teas. however, i cannot see either of us trying the fruit pipes they offer as a smoking alternative.

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