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Friday, September 26, 2008

Introducing Suburban Seaside Hospital

This weekend is the Monday Holiday in the Health Board where i am currently on placement, so a 4 days weekend!

I utilised today by a period of meditative activity (i.e. a long lie) then started to scout out my next placement location. From Depcat Hell, I will be at the Suburban seaside hospital. Well it's not on the prom, but its a darn sight closer than my flat is.

I decided to find someone with some knowledge of the area I'd be going to, and indeed who knows the road very well. Step forward the ubiquitous Butcher Boy. the tattooed drinker also knows the area well, but he had films to see and drink to drink. We set off shortly after lunch and had a good journey down, despite the obsessive changing of the speed limit every 5-10 miles, The trip takes about 50 minutes, so is almost commutable - although we do get accommodation at the hospital if we choose to use it.

The biggest surprise was the fact that there's no two ways about it, the hospital is bright yellow. Most around here are Concrete or Stone. This one is yellow brick and looks both quite nice and quite odd at the same time.

We then went for a rather nice lunch in the Boot of the old town, near the courthouse and beach, before heading for the 'burbs, where I dropped butcher Boy at his parents house and he did some carjacking, and I drove back up to the big smoke.

Who said public holidays were restful?

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