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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Seaside hospital and the health form

Seaside hospital does seem a little odd though. Over the past 4 years, I have been to 10 different hospitals, and in none have I been asked about my health. The Uni did the HEAF test at the start of Year 1 Hep B and Rubella status tests before Year 2 but no more. However, seaside hospital wanted us to complete a full Occupational Health form, demanding details of medical history (thankfully brief), alcohol consumption(!), and immunisations - the full list of immunisations to give details on was:

  • Tetanus (date of last immunisation only)
  • Polio (as above)
  • Diptheria (as above)
  • Thyphoid (as above)
  • Rubella - Date of last immunisation, date of immunity test, result of immunity test; Have you ever had an MMR?; Have you ever been diagnosed with mumps?
  • Hepatitis B - doses, date of last dose, date of last blood test, titre level, date of next booster

This sent me rushing to Uni Health Service (for BCG, Hep B and Rubella data) and to my GP surgery for the others. At the surgery the receptionists showed me my medical notes based on my confirming my address and D.o.B, only for me to discover that the only things in my GP medical notes are the list of immunisations I have received!

At least I now have a composite list of my immunisations though.

interestingly, the university had not informed the GP of the result of the HEAF test, and the GP practice had not recorded the titre level for Rubella or Hep B, merely recorded that they were acceptable as an indication of immunisation.

Still I have now sent the form off, and hope that it is acceptable.

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