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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lost in the post

While posting my sleep rant, I found this saved draft which I had forgotten to publish, so here goes.

The other week I bought a jumper, on which the sleeves were too long (stop laughing) because although my body is normal size, it would seem that my shortness is due to short limbs (allegedly). Anyway, being useless with such things, I left the jumper with Mum & Dad, and Mum took it to a place near home to have the sleeves altered. Mum expressed herse;f very pleased and said you would hardly notice that it had been altered. Because they were going away on holiday, and I wasn't sure when I would next be down there, Mum posted it up to me, certificated and everything.....

3 weeks later it is still not here. Nor are the books I ordered lastweek.

I know the post office is busy, but it seems that only my bills get through. And there isn't even a scuccession of red cards telling me to go and collect a parcel because it is too big / needs signing for.

The one advantage of the courrier companies is that with internet tracking, I can at least track my parcel then take a print out from the website along with passport and untility ill to an industrial estate between Cambuslang and the middle of nowhere and claim back my parcels.

The problem then is that they take my intrnet print out off me and I have toi navigate out of the industrial estate again....and of course they are all new builds, so don't show on the SatNav......

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Elaine said...

Try printing the map twice - or photocopying it. Just a thought.......

I have few good words about postal deliveries, and I am not alone - Royal Mail lost their contract with Amazon for first Class mail.

Meantime, what can I say but "Sympathy"