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Sunday, September 14, 2008

More weddingness

On Friday I was at another wedding - one I didn't think I'd be at....you see on thurs-Friday in uni we had a "Managing sick patients" course which was very useful but also scheduled 9-4 on Friday. The wedding was supposed to be over in the capital at 1, so a good 1hrs drive.....so inreply to teh invitation, I had said that i would not be at the ceremony or reception, but would be tehre for the evening.

Well anyway, come Friday morning, and 2 of my coursemates droopped me in it, telling the course trainers (both resus officers) that I was supposed to be at a wedding. They both told me to stop being silly and to miss the course and go to the wedding. thus I found myself at 11.45 at the church, in time to familiarise myself with the PA rig and do the sound for the wedding, which seemed to go ok.

I then filled my afternoon with a pleasant lunch, and then a trip out to Livingston where I sat drinking eta in a cafe in teh shopping centre and reading a textbook, until it was time to head to the hotel for the evening reception, where betweeen 4 of us we set everything up for the disco.

Then I spent my evening assisting PhilT with his DJ set, which started slow, but really had then packing out the dancefloor by the end. This was followed by the derig and a drive back to Glasgow.....all in all a long, but enjoyable day.


Anonymous said...

Saw my first wedding the other day, seriously good fun and got a day off work.

dr_dyb said...

Must be an age thing, but in the past year I've been at 5 weddings, and over 10 in past 6 years.

PhilT81 said...

No closer to a Dyb wedding though.

Oh well - you'll be able to hire the services of DJ Phil on the day - although I'd still require you to assist me so that may be inconvenient for you at your own wedding.