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Monday, June 29, 2009


I was sitting here about 20 minutes ago just on MSN and doing some emailling, when I head a bang. I got up and looked outside.A van has crased into the side of a taxi at teh traffic lights outside my flat. The van has kinda stopped dead, and the taxi has been shunted ovver into some roadworks - outside the building opposite.

It all went very quiet for five ninuites. I could see the van driver was on the phone, so didn;t feel any need to call the emergency services. Sure enough, within 10 minutes there was an ambulance rapid response car followed by a normal ambulance on the scene, anoither 5 minutes and the fire brigade arrived, and still no sign of the Police.

Meanwhile the 3 roads which empty into this junction are starting to back up and traffic is having to do U turns oin one way streets to get away - sounds like a recipe for disaster the way some people drive round Glasgow at night.

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