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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Choices, choices

Today I was thru in Edinburgh and once I had finished my ususal stuff, and been to an 18th Birthday lunch BBQ, I went to see a friend from my BSc days. She was a genetics geek and then went on to do a PhD and is working as a post doc researcher in cancer-y genetics in Edinburgh. She gets to go to all sorts of exciting confeerences in Prague, and Crieff......

It was very interesting to compare stories as to what could have happened if instead of choosing Medicine in 2004, I had chosen to do a PhD and go into biomedical research.

I had applied for medicine and a PhD and got back acceptances for both on the same day, thus meaning I had 24hrs before I had to reply about the PhD offer. Except by the time I got the email it was midnight and I had until 5pm to reply. I also had a really busy day and ended up only snatching moments to think about it, and came to the decision "You can do a PhD as part of research as a medic, but you may not get another chance to study medicine". Wheher accurate or not, that is how I made the decision!

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