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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Well that is term officially over. 25 weeks, or 175 days or....well you get the idea. 5 blocks, from ICU to psychiatry via Obs/Gyn and Medicine. It;s been a long term with lots of good bits,, and some boredom.

I managed to get to the end of term by getting a score of 2 for every module this year. With some complex maths which gives every piece of assessment from years 1-4 a score, I now know that I have achieved a score of 38 out of 70; the main reason for the low score being exam resits in years 2 and 3. So now faculty will rank the whole year group by these scores; and sort us into quartiles. The 4 quartiles then get a score of 34,36,38 or 40 points which counts towards the MTAS ranking. So for all mys core is not that great, it only penalises my a maximum of 6 MTAS points.

The MTAS score however will give me 5 points for having a BSc First Class; and I can get 1 point for a presentation at a National level, and 1 for a publication. Sadly I fear that my SSC Audit may not be written up and submitted in time. However I do have a paper from my BSc Hoinour project, so I can win back 6 or maybe 7 points there.

The rest of the Foundation Programme MTAS form is so awful and boring I am goiing to forget about it over the summer.

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