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Friday, October 2, 2009

Island life

My time on the island at Gp is finished and I am back to stable internet connections, and coffee shops! the island community was relatively small, so blogging was always going to be tricky as by their nature some thinsg i saw would be very identifiable, and recent media coverage has been banging home the message about confidentiality and anonymity for patiients in blog / facebook etc posts.

The intersting things included:
  • surgical emphysema and pneumothorax in someone who fell at night
  • managing to palpate a breast lump
  • student led surgeries
  • phlebotomy
  • friday night in A&E
  • the various skills fo the GPs - extracurricular
  • the ward rounds and community hospital next door
  • childhood injections
The next block is child health, and is the start of a run of 3 blocks back here in the city. This is very strange as I had 1 block in the city in the whole of 4th year. Without a 30 minute commute, how does one prepare for the day?

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