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Saturday, October 3, 2009

End of block

Another block over, 9 down, 3 to go, revision now cranks up another gear, hence I am sat in my old room at Mum & dad's writing revision cards about dementia at 9.20am on a Saturday, and wondering why I don't remember some of this stuff from the actually teaching blocks.

Today's revision topics are all psych related which fits well with some of the GP stuff I saw - depression, distress, anxiety, psychosis, dementia and addictions. In fact that probably made up about 1/3 of consultations, especially anxiety disorders.

It is strange being back in my old room - It hasn't been painted since I was last here for any length of time, in 2004, and thus looks pretty much the same, including my high school desk, but the bed has been changed - sister getting married required a double bed in the guest room - and the bookcase us now covered in Mum & Dad's books not mine. On the other hand, being at the coast means it is much much windier than Glasgow ever is - mind that could be an east coast thing, as Edinburgh was always very windy........ Either way, it is now very windy today and rain is crashing off the windows - and 2 couples I know are getting married near here today - hope it dies down a bit.

On the way down last night, it was raining rather heavily - after Mum house sitting all week to wait for the dishwasher people - see another post for more info on that - Mum and I met Dad at Longtown for a meal in a rather surprisingly nice cafe/restaurant then drove back along ' the military road' from Greenhead to heddon - the road is as the name suggests right next to hadrian's Wall, and follows the roman route on the south of the wall for most of the way. It is pretty straight and thus quite hilly, which adds to the fun of driving a small Ka with 3 adults and luggage on board.

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