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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Recycling, it just goes round and round

I noticed as we got home yesterday lots of people had brown wheelie bins out, so when playing the car shuffle this morning so Mum & Dad could go out, I pointed to Mum that theirs wasn't out. Mum said it was the Garden Rubbish for recycling. It seems the council collect people's garden rubbish and convert it into compost for the council to use on flower beds and parks etc.

One of the houses with such a bin had a car outside out of which people were unloading compost from B&Q.

The irony and additional cost of this struck me - if people had their own compost heap, then they would save money, the council would save money, and they would be taking a pro-active approach to recycling...this may not work in flats etc, but in deepest suburbia with decent sized gardens then it should be obligated!

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