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Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Saturday off

Today is an interesting day. The first Saturday in ages when my diary was empty all day. i had a few 'could do' things but nothing I 'had' to do. I then checked back to find this was my first free Saturday since the end of revision, and going back before that, thus my first free Saturday since October 2009. So almost nine months.

And what have I done with this bonus thus far? Well.........I fell asleep reading the Saturday paper, woke up, listened to the 'Now Show' live instead of on podcast; went for a wander round Glasgow and the Merchant city festival, had a nice coffee and am contemplating what to have for tea at a sensible time.

Normal service is resumed next Saturday with doing sound for an event, the following week is the Fringe, the one after I'm at camp, then working my first weekend and at the fringe again to round off August!

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